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It also states when the offender’s sentence commencement date (SCD) was.Under our current law an offender must be over the age of 18 at the time the offence was committed to qualify for preventive detention.They are serving the longest minimum non-parole periods in New Zealand’s history.Most of these offenders have been sentenced for cases of murder.Moreover, a significant correlation is observed between the ripples’ period and depth.The change of pressure is accompanied by a variation of the degree of nanoparticle coverage, which is eventually recognized as an important factor for the development of the final surface structures.We estimate that there may be another two offenders in New Zealand that we have not been able to list as yet.The offenders listed here were convicted of serious violent offences or sexual offences that are presently aged of 75 or over (2011) sentenced to preventive detention.

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We observe an interesting direct impact of the ambient pressure on the period and depth of the generated ripples as well as on the formation of microgrooves.It also includes offenders who were sentenced under our current system but the offences being committed under the old law that was applicable.For rapes committed before September 1993 the maximum penalty was 14 years, but for rapes committed after September 1993 the maximum penalty is 20 years.They are listed in order by the offender’s current age (2011).The offenders listed were serving the longest sentences for rape committed between 1961 and September 1993.

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