Dating disabilities uk

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We can also chaperone their first meeting to help make sure everything goes smoothly.Find out all about our services and where we operate on the Luv2meet U website.My boyfriend at the time found it very difficult to deal with.We’d been together for about four years and, looking back, I think that it wasn’t what he’d “signed up for”.If we go to a party together, we tend to socialise there separately, and we’re often content to amuse ourselves individually at home. It annoys me when people address Will rather than me, as if I can’t speak for myself.I’ve also seen strangers shoot him looks that to me say, “How brave of you to take all that on”. I’ve got more important things to think about than arguing with people I don’t know.

My wheelchair is not the most interesting thing about me by a long way, and I find that once I get to know people they realise that and stop treating me like a robot. I met him at university in Oxford and we were friends for a while before it became clear that things were going to go further.I had to ease him into it: I’d kept a lot of things under wraps, just to give the impression of being more independent than I was.Will was never fazed, though – whether that was because of him or because I got the balance right, I don’t know. When we were together and I needed the loo, did I ask him to help me, or did I call my carer (who lived with me – and now with us) down from her room to help?I tried to hide my symptoms, as though I were trying still to be the old me.I also worried that he wouldn’t find me attractive. He’s moved on and I now have a new partner, Alan, who is incredible.

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