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“We felt it was important to include the mindset of a rapist who describes the ways in which these crimes are premeditated and highly calculated by serial predators,” says Ziering.Research indicates that only a small percentage of men commit these crimes, but that assailants attack an average of six victims.Only 41% of all universities initiated an investigation into sexual assault claims in the last five years, according to a Senate survey.“We felt we’d received this call we had to respond to,” says Ziering.

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Of the thousands of insurance claims that are made against fraternities each year, those for sexual assault are the second most common.

And while going to the police is an option, starting a criminal investigation, advocates argue, can be a lengthy process that can leave the victim to face-to-face with their accused attacker in dorms or classrooms for years, so schools need to get involved.

MORE Why Victims of Rape in College Don’t Report to the Police The Safety Debate in DC Recently, some conservatives have suggested that ending the ban on weapons on campus and allowing women to have guns on campus would make them safer.

What result is a searing portrayal of a university system that the filmmakers say failed to create a safe environment for students and hid cases of sexual assault brought to their attention.

By presenting dozens of first-hand accounts—they interviewed more than 100 survivors—Dick and Ziering hoped to personalize the conversation around campus rape in the same way that they did the debate about assault in the military.

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