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Still, others haven’t done it and aren’t open to it.This question gives you a good gauge on whether or not a threesome could be on the table at some point.And one more note: her version of the “truth” of her answer may be different than the actual truth.

Just keep in mind that studies have shown that women are 7% more likely to be unfaithful with each additional sex partner they have.

But occasionally you’ll get an answer like, “When you gave me that sexy stare in the bar, it really turned me on,” or “You grabbed the root of my hair when you kissed me and I knew right then.” These are the kinds of things that will give you insight into what you’re doing well (and what you should do more of in the future).

This one will give you insight into just how sexually open she is.

It can also give you some ideas for sex in kinkier types of places, like on the beach, in a car, in public, etc.

You can use these ideas to spice up your sex life and add variety to your sessions with her. Whether you ask it or not really depends on how much you care about her sexual history.

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