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I was in the Marine Corps, which was my reason for being at that location. Is there anyway that I can find out if that unit was there at that time? He passed away in the late '60's when I was 6 yrs old. Frog, Tood, Shepard were some of those in my company. He was a Seabee stationed in Newfoundland, Moroco, Korea, Spain, and of course Vietnam 66-69(2 tours).

the following info: i showed our arrival to Okinawa as August '67. Unfortunately I have very little information since all the relatives that were connected to him have passed on. Sincerely, Liz Lockie (Wylie)chachachik1 at 28te Naval Mobile Construction Batallion Company Bravo. I am retired Army, (1SG) and I am looking for information about my father, Carrol Eugene Simmons, EQCM (Ret). I know he was in NCMB 5 in Stationed at Port Hueneme CA. and was also stationed in Rhode Island, Jacksonville FL.,and Millington TN.where he eventually retired.

Lookong to make contact with anyone back in the day. When we returned to Quonset Pt; I was assigned to The 21st NCR; and sent to Camp Fogarty as an Instructor. We lived in Orlando 35 years and moved to Titusville FL in Feb. I was drafted in 1954; had 13 weeks training deployed to GUAM in 1955 served there 18 months under an experiment, then deployed to PHILLIPINES. PASSED OUT AT THE BEE HIVE JUMP THE GULLY IN FORNT OF THE BARRAKS. Helped install the cruiser Biloxi mast in a park outside of Biloxi. where I made chief steel worker and served with chief Lyle Carpenter. 69 and regretted having to take it because ai served with a great bunch of bees. Thank you for your time and for your services to our country. Landing field that was under Naval station Barbers Point o'aho Hawaii.

Thanks, Rich name: Steve Culbertson email: scappr at location: Bruceton Mills, WV Date: September 28, 2010 comment: Was a proud member of NMCB5 76-78 as an EO3. Wouldn't trade the memories or friendships for the world. name: James Hansen email: hogman542003 at location: anchorage AK Date: September 28, 2010 comment: Boot camp was San Diego.1/14/74. name: John Greene email: jag at location: Ocala, FL now. Date: September 22, 2010 comment: I am trying to find the WWII service records for my father. Info I have is: George Robert Cox born 1912 Perth Amboy , N. If you were in 9 at the same time, I'd like to hear from you. Went to my first All Seabee Reunion (2010) down at Hueneme a few weeks ago. If you were stationed there did you know Jim Felton? name: Mike Anderson email: Flooddog97 at location: Spring Lake Park, MN Date: June 29, 2010 comment: I was with MCB 22.. I enlisted in 1967 (Boot camp at GLakes)and reported to Davisville, MCB-53, as a "Steelworker Striker." We deployed to Camp Adener (sp? Spent two months at USNH Guam and three months back at USNH GLakes and finished my enlistment (SW3) at Gulfport in Oct. name: Stacy German email: slgut at location: Boynton Beach, Florida Date: June 01, 2010 comment: My father was in the 107th Seabees in the 1940's stationed on the Island of Tinian.I know it wasn't 1962 because I was in Viegues, PR that year. Agent Orange, problems with the Heart over the past few years. I am also looking for the Green in Color book from Dangha 1967-1968E Or if someone could point me in the right direction name: Michael Dumontemail: mdumont at somersworth.comlocation: Somersworth NH Date: March 01, 2011comment: I served with NMCB-74 from 1979 to 1981.He disputes being there, but when you run into a 1st cousin that you weren't even aware that he was in the service, you don't forget that experience. I've tried to find what the letters stand for but can't. name: Elizabeth Lockie email: chachachik1 at gmail.comlocation: Sandpoint Idaho Date: April 15, 2011comment: This just might be the place I might find some information on my dad, Franklin D. My understanding is he served in Japan and was in the Sea-Bees. I am currently trying to get in touch with Michael Kohler, he was the Master at Arms for the battalion during that time, any help would be appreciated I'm writing this for my dad. He served in the Navy from 53-71 after a four year enlistment in the army.have a question that maybe you could answer or lead me to someone that could. I can be reached by phone at: 910-352-5080 I am looking for anyone that was Attached to MCB5 Charlie Co from 1967 to 1968 My grandfather was YNC Clyde Leyman Watson Personnel Chief, I am trying to find anyone who remembers him of has pictures of him and he passed away when I was 2 of enphicsema.My cousin was in the Seabees and I recall seeing him at Little Creek, VA, at the Amphibious Warfare Training Facility in approximately 1963 or 1964, during the summer, probably June or July. I promised my grandmother that before she died I would get him a shadowbox made and pass it on, I failed to do so, but I am still going to finish what I promised her.

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