Value of updating to whirlpool

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If you would like to see if your exchange has a DSLAM from an Internet Provider you can go to: • Find out which exchange you are on by using the Exchange Finder and use the Plan Search feature to view suitable plans• Use adsl2exchanges to view a list of providers available at your exchange and the plans available• Check the Internet Providers website and look around for information regarding ADSL2 Cable internet relies upon the coaxial cable to provide pay TV by either Foxtel/Telstra or Optus respectively.Speeds vary from provider to provider, and are generally faster than speeds available over ADSL.When you look up your exchange on yourbroadband/adsl2exchanges, it should indicate whether the ISP has sufficient/limited or no ports, but you can also double check this via the TW documents (for resold Telstra services) or each ISPs respective website.ii Net Internode Internode DSLAM glossary TPGTelstra Wholesale A good suggestion is to read the results of the Whirlpool Survey conducted in 2011, which gives comprehensive feedback from Whirlpool users on their broadband experience.

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Providers are only rolling out their own DSLAMs in select exchanges across Australia.

ADSL has "Asymmetric" line speeds, that is, the speed from the internet to you, and you to the internet, are different.

This is the most common setup for broadband, as people don't require these speeds be the same for general internet access.

SHDSL is "symmetric", that is, the speeds between you and the internet are the same in both directions.

Currently, for residential and basic business applications, SHDSL is available on special request from some providers, but costs considerably more than regular ADSL.

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